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Corporate Video Production

Corporate videos don’t have to be bland and formulaic. Shots of besuited men and women sat at a boardroom table intercut with a slow pan around the outside of the office building.

We can make your videos unique and entertaining. Our creative video production teams can script, shoot, and produce a corporate film which your stakeholders and clients will actually enjoy watching. Promote your brand with corporate videos which stand out from the crowd.

Business Documentaries

We can use our experience in producing TV documentaries to create great PR and online content for your company. We can produce business documentaries, either as one-off videos or a series of short films, to promote your company and the services or products you offer. If you want to go beyond a standard corporate video, consider a documentary series.

We will use the same high-quality production techniques we employ to produce documentaries for television. An example of which you can see below. Contact us about corporate videos and business documentaries by calling 01724 376002.




On Your Bike – Six part TV Series

Swapping winkle pickers for cycling trainers and floral jackets for bike regalia, On Your Bike has seen me, Luke Adams, take my trusty bike on a cycling odyssey across East Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire, meeting a wealth of interesting locals with a passion for their area and a few stories to tell.

From the cobbled streets of Beverley to the shores of a chilly Scarborough beach, I’ve cycled a few hundred miles across our beautiful coastline, where I’ve made chocolate, become friends with Penguins and Puffins, enjoyed a light refreshment in England’s smallest pub and placed a bet on the horses.




Watch The Series Here

Watch Luke in each episode as he cycles around the region with all the episodes in one place

at Bempton Cliffs



The Journey Continues

I’ve also unearthed some of the lesser-known gems of the area, including that of a white rabbit, a literary icon and a window!

As well as becoming slightly fitter, I’ve learned about the world of cycling and the fantastic community it is from local clubs to engaging personalities.

So come and enjoy the ride with me, all from the comfort of your OWN living room. A bike is not necessarily required!

During the series I visit:

Scarborough, Bridlington, Bempton, Beverley, Hull, Barton, Scunthorpe, Grimsby, Cleethorpes.

Sneak Preview

The On Your Bike series starts on Estuary TV, Freeview channel 7 and Virgin media 159 on Friday the 10th of July and will initially be played one episode per week.

Here’s the On Your Bike series promo film to catch a sneak preview of what to expect.



Watch The Series Here

Watch Luke in each episode as he cycles around the region with all the episodes in one place





Intrepid presenter enjoying
a trip on the Pirate Boat
in Scarborough




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More Information

If you need any more information about the On Your Bike series or any others then please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

01724 376002


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