Good Luck in India Megan

We say goodbye to Megan at Resolution Television this week as she starts a new adventure in India.

Megan was a valuable member of our video production team, editing fantastic programmes for some major clients.

Her new venture will see her make a great impact in gaining more equality and rights for women in India. Something taken for granted in most countries today yet still an issue elsewhere.

She will be volunteering in a “Women Empowerment Programme” implemented to teach local women in rural villages Basic English and Maths skills and also general vocational skills. More importantly providing them with knowledge of their human rights. Consequently helping to inspire a movement within India to gain equality within women’s rights. As a result giving women the opportunity to earn an income.

Megan will be missed by everyone here at Resolution Television and most of all we all wish her every success out in India.


Good luck Megan. Have a great time in India.

Posted on March 28, 2017 in Staff

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