Add Subtitles and Closed Captions to Online Videos

Make your online videos more user-friendly with subtitles

Subtitles can be a valuable addition.

Apart from being an essential service to deaf or hard-of-hearing viewers subtitles and closed captions can also be very useful in environments where sound levels are an issue, such as reception areas where subtitles will ensure that your message is received loud and clear even when the sound is muted.

Whether for broadcast, DVD or YouTube, subtitles ensure that the message is still received.

Once embedded onto a DVD subtitles can be accessed using the subtitle button on your remote or we can provide an on-screen menu button to activate them.

Subtitles can also be included on streaming video as seen in this clip. Webclip subtitling is a service often overlooked, but is an excellent way to extend the reach and impact of your production. Click the closed captions button to see them in action.

All our subtitling services, from transcriptions to authoring are carried out in-house and adhere to industry standard subtitle guidelines. Phone us for more details or for a quote for your subtitle project. 

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