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We’re always happy to help; we have compiled a list of the questions we are asked the most about the services we provide.

Whether you are looking to advertise on TV, build a website, or produce an online training or induction programme, we have the answers to the questions you may have.

If there is anything we have missed don’t hesitate to call us on 01724 376002 or contact us using the enquiry form below.

OK, You’ve got my attention, How much will a video cost me?2017-11-03T14:15:20+01:00

OK, You’ve got my attention, How much will a video cost me?

This is very much down to yourself, dependant on the type of programme you require, how complex you want it, and your delivery medium.
Resolution TV can manage your whole project from scripting and creative concepts right through to organising the best format to deliver your programme in.

Call our team on 01724 376002 to discover just how easy it is to put together an effective video that meets your needs, or see What We Do to find out more information about our other services.

I need to show video on our website – Will you supply it in the right format?2017-11-03T13:18:20+01:00

I need to show a video on our website – Will you supply it in the right format?

Of course we will. No matter which purpose you are having your video made for, we will ensure that it is delivered in the right format for your needs. We can encode your video for optimised playback on your website, YouTube channel, mobile device, and anything else you can think of.

Can you Translate to another Language?2018-02-20T21:24:32+01:00

Can you Translate to another Language?

Yes, we offer translations in ANY language.


Whether for broadcast, induction, corporate or online, we support any number of languages to help you reach the widest possible audience.  All of our translations are done using subtitles; transcribed by professional native translators, or by using multilingual presenters to maintain your productions integrity and deliver a consistent message.

Call us on 01724 376002 or contact us to receive a quotation.

What about graphics and logos?2017-11-03T13:24:54+01:00

What about graphics and logos?

All taken care of. Your video, advert, website, induction system or short film can incorporate state of the art 3D motion graphics, 2D animated logo’s/ graphics, your own existing stills photography, voice over’s, presenters, music soundtrack and more. Basically everything you would expect from a modern high definition creative media company.

I need my video quickly – Can you do it in time?2018-02-20T21:24:32+01:00

I need my video quickly – Can you do it in time?

Yes, your video can be completed to your timescale. We have completed video’s in a matter of days, and we have some longstanding relationships with some very satisfied customers who come back to us for video’s year on year.

I’ve got a lot to be filmed – What time do your crew finish?2017-11-03T13:25:42+01:00

I’ve got a lot to be filmed – What time do your crew finish?

A very common one this. We always make sure our crew are fully prepared film around your schedule. They leave base with plenty of equipment to ensure that we capture all the footage you need for your production in the specified time frame.

Where will the filming take place?2017-11-03T13:26:02+01:00

Where will the filming take place?

Resolution Television provide both studio and location filming services. We can film at your location and around your local area, travelling to sites you wish to incorporate in your video, all safe in the knowledge that there is no extra mileage charge being added to your bill. We also film in studio’s when a controlled environment is needed for acted scenario’s, or to showcase your product in the best possible light.

How much do I need to be involved?2018-02-20T21:24:32+01:00

I’m not sure I’ve got time to oversee everything. How much do I need to be involved?

As much or as little as you like. We love working in partnership with our clients, and some like to be very hands on during their projects development. However, that’s not for everyone, some of our clients like to let us take control, safe in the knowledge that we will take care of every step.

Promotional Online Videos – Cost effective2017-11-03T11:58:10+01:00

Promotional Online Videos – Cost effective

Resolution Television produce videos and films for most budgets. We are sure to be able to produce your video and come up with an online marketing strategy to suit your budget. The ROI you are sure to make will massively outweigh any costs.

Online video guide2018-02-20T21:24:32+01:00

Online video guide

An effective online video requires more than just buying a camera capturing some images and sticking it on YouTube. You have to consider the quality, how this represents your company and how exactly people are going to find it if they don’t know about it.

We have run lots of successful online video campaigns for a number of big named clients. As a professional company we will guide you through the whole process from design and creative concepts through filming to delivery and compliance to ensure that your company is presented in the best possible way with the best marketing strategy that works for you.

How much will a simple website cost me?2017-11-03T11:44:49+01:00

How much will a simple website cost me?

The parameters we use to work out the cost of a website are varied, but there are a few clues on our website design page.

Fill out the online form and we can get right back to you with initial ideas, or to arrange a first meeting.

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What does CMS mean?2017-11-03T11:40:15+01:00

What does CMS mean?

It’s the abbreviation of Content Management System, which basically means you can alter the content of your website yourself.  Any good website these days will be CMS based and it cuts out the need to be constantly returning to your Website designer for small changes to text or to upload a new photograph for you.

Will my new website be able to track visitors to it? 2017-11-03T11:37:17+01:00

Will my new website be able to track visitors to it?

The straightforward answer is yes! Using Google Analytics we will show you how easy it is to track how your website is performing and make suggestions how we could improve it with you.

Will people be able to find my site?2017-11-03T11:34:49+01:00

Will people be able to find my site?

All of our website builds have basic search engine optimisation included so that your site can be discovered. We build every site to attract the largest number of potential customers possible, and show you how to get discovered more online. Basic optimisation should not be the only tool you rely on to be found. This will only get you so far in a crowded online marketplace.

We offer additional package options for tracking, search engine advertising and online marketing to enhance your sites discoverability further.

See Digital Marketing to learn more about this.

What does digital marketing mean, is it important?2017-11-03T13:45:39+01:00

Digital Marketing

Your new website comes with the basic digital marketing included. The optimisation of your website ensures that customers can find your website easily in search engines and to help you compete against the competition online.    We design and  develop your website for the optimum performance – you will hear the word optimising your website again and again – in order to help boost your position in the search engine rankings, make sure your website is responsive and attracts more customer and sales.

Find out more about digital marketing here: https://resolutiontelevision.com/digital-marketing/

How long will it take to make my website?2017-11-02T16:05:09+01:00

How long will it take ?

We work to your timescale. We could update your current site within a couple of days, design and build a new site within a week, or develop an ongoing partnership of work for a very reasonable monthly costing.

Can I control my website?2018-08-06T09:43:21+01:00

Can I have control of my website?

Oh yes, we design your website in a way that makes it easy for you to add content in a way that’s as simple as typing on a keyboard. It’s your website after all, and you want to have control of your content. You can update your website with the latest products, recent developments, and important announcements, all in a matter of seconds.

I already have a website – Why would I want a new one?2017-11-15T10:52:18+01:00

I already have a website…

The Internet is constantly evolving and improving. Newer technologies can mean that older websites don’t display properly, have elements missing from them, or worse, can’t be viewed by your customer. We build our websites with the most up to date techniques, meaning you have a website that can be viewed by all, and most importantly, controlled by you.

Data protection is important to my company so is the data harvested safe?2019-01-09T15:40:25+01:00

Data protection is important to my company so is the data harvested safe?

Access levels can be restricted for data protection purposes. We adhere to strict EU data protection laws with all of our clients and services and have parameters in place ready for when the new GDPR guidelines come into effect.


Does it have to be video content?2017-11-02T15:27:33+01:00

Does it have to be video content?

No, if you have a restricted budget we can look at alternative content, such as importing your existing powerpoint presentation, to build an effective induction system for you.

Can you import my own content?2017-11-02T15:24:37+01:00

Can you import my own content?

Yes, but we can provide bespoke filming and editing to create new video content if required.

My company may be re-branding. should I wait to produce a Site Induction programme?2017-11-02T15:22:24+01:00

My company may be re-branding. should I wait to produce a Site Induction programme?

Our Virtual Studio approach means changes to branding, or the overall Induction content, can be made rapidly and at a much lower cost than previous.  We can adapt and change the system, with a seamless transition to the new version.

How soon can you create a new Induction Presentation?2017-11-02T15:19:58+01:00

How soon can you create a new Induction Presentation?

How quickly do you need it?  Systems can be created within very tight time scales if needed.

How much will an online site induction cost?2017-11-02T15:11:18+01:00

How much will an online site induction cost?

The bespoke nature of the Resolution Induction System means costs can be tightly controlled, with both video production and software development being provided by one company.   Prices will vary according to the brief, but there are typical costs shown on our Site Induction website page.

Why is online site induction so important?2017-11-02T15:05:27+01:00

Why is online site induction so important?

Having an current, reliable record of induction and training is an important requirement of health and safety to ensure you can demonstrate that everyone on site has received the correct, up to date, information.

Who deals with the marketing?2017-11-03T14:18:14+01:00

The Marketing – Resolution TV advertising services can manage your whole campaign from scripting and creative concepts right through to negotiating the best deal on the right channels for you.

Call us on 01724 376002 to discover just how easy it is to advertise on television, or see www.resolutiontelevision.com/tv-advertising to find out more information about our services.

Why choose us over an advertising agency2017-11-03T13:44:53+01:00

Sometimes it’s better to trust your advertising campaign or TV advert to a professional advertising agency, but choosing the right company from all the advertising agencies out there to represent you and your products can be tricky.

Do they have a proven track record when it comes to advertising?

Are you being offered the best channels for you?

Resolution Television will provide all the elements of an effective TV advertising campaign and we always promise to complete your project on time, within budget and to your total satisfaction. We always quote a fixed price, research your target market thoroughly and provide clear statistics about when and where your advertising will be shown.

Do I need to provide anything specific?2017-11-02T15:00:33+01:00

Do I need to provide anything specific?

We can take care of all the filming and content creation for your advert, from the initial scripting, to the broadcast standard version. As with all our productions, you can be involved as much or as little as you like. If your advert is making medical claims, or advertising specific sale prices, these things need to be substantiated by evidence from yourself. We can advise on what you need to do.

Is local TV cheaper than other TV channels?2017-11-03T14:20:44+01:00

Is Local TV cheaper than other TV channels?

Yes…By a long way. For more details on local TV prices call our team on 01724 376002

Can I advertise on local TV?2017-11-02T15:01:25+01:00

Can I advertise on local TV?

Simple answer Yes you can! We can commission adverts for a number of channels, local or national. The choice is yours.


I know which channels I want to advertise on – Can you make that happen?2018-02-20T21:24:32+01:00

I know which channels I want to advertise on .

We sure can. We are approved for content delivery for all the major channels including ITV, SKY, Channel 4, UK TV, Video On Demand and many more. We have provided airtime on channels across the various platforms, for adverts we have created ourselves, and for clients who have previously had commercials made and just require some extra exposure.

When will I see the effects of TV advertising?2018-02-20T21:24:32+01:00

When will I see the effects of TV advertising?

TV does work immediately – but it also works over the long-term, delivering a double benefit. A recent Thinkbox study with MediaCom, found that 43% of all campaign-driven responses across a broad group of their clients were generated by TV. Furthermore, they found that the web is now the response channel for TV ads, having overtaken phone a couple of years ago; this fact is also responsible for a great deal of misattribution of TV’s effect on other media.


How do I advertise on TV?2017-11-17T11:20:36+01:00

How do I advertise on TV?

Advertising on the Television has never been easier or more cost effective, although if you have never advertised on TV before it can seem a little daunting.

The first thing to organise is your budget, work out how much you have to spend and who you want to target, and also over what length of time you want to advertise for.

After that all you need to do is send us these details and we’ll do the rest. Resolution TV advertising services will manage your whole campaign from scripting and creative concepts right through to negotiating the best deal on the right channels for you. We can promote your advert on a range of channels such as SKY/ ITV/ UKTV/ Channel 5 / DAVE and many more including Local Television.

We also have access to the many Video On Demand channels available. So if your audience is more My 5 then Channel 5 we will get the campaign that’s right for you.

Call our team on 01724 376002

To discover just how easy it is to advertise on television, or click on the link www.resolutiontelevision.com/tv-advertising/ to find out more information about our services.

How much is TV Advertising?2017-11-07T11:40:25+01:00

So if it’s not too expensive – How much is TV Advertising?

How much TV advertising costs is very much dependent on how much coverage you need, on which channels and at what time of day. TV advertising can be less expensive than most major media.

The cost of making a TV advert can seem high, though there are many examples of excellent and effective creative adverts that cost thousands of pounds rather than hundreds of thousands. TV adverts are 11 times more efficient at growing market share so the cost will be more than justified by the return.

Resolution Television can guide you through the whole process and maximise your budget to achieve the best return on your investment.

Call our creative team to see how we could have an advert on air in as little as four weeks 01724 376002

I can’t afford to advertise on TV, it’s too expensive.2018-02-26T15:04:12+01:00

I can’t afford to advertise on TV, it’s too expensive.

TV advertising has become much more affordable in recent years. The development of a large selection of satellite and cable channels, each catering to their own target demographics, has meant that TV advertising has become cheaper and more targeted. Local TV advertising can be cheaper but there are many national advertising opportunities available now that can also make your money go further.  Because of TV’s excellent long-term ROI, TV is in fact the best value marketing investment you can make, delivering increased sales, market share, profitability and brand equity.

Advantages of TV advertising2017-11-03T13:45:23+01:00

Advantages of TV advertising – 

TV advertising reaches over 70% of people in one day, 92% within a week, and 98% within a month. No other medium has such immense reach and it is TV’s ability to deliver this scale, so rapidly.

The growth of multi-channel digital broadcast platforms has delivered massive choice to viewers. There are channels and programmes to suit any taste or interest. Greater channel choice is a benefit to advertisers. Alongside TV’s ability to reach the majority of the UK overnight, it can also reach specific, niche, target groups. Multi-channel viewing has meant that TV advertising can be more accurate and cost effective.

Is TV advertising still effective?2017-11-03T14:26:11+01:00

Is TV advertising still effective? – In a nutshell yes it does! But don’t take our word for it there are several impartial research studies, which prove that TV advertising is at the heart of the most effective advertising campaigns. The IPA, proved that campaigns which include TV advertising are 35% more effective than those without.

 TV is more effective now than it was 20 years ago. We will script, shoot, edit and broadcast your advert on ANY channel in the UK and Europe. Find out more on our TV Advertising page.

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