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OPA induction2018-02-20T21:24:32+01:00

Project Description

OPA Induction System

This advanced online induction system is a great example of what our higher end systems can do. The multi sited installation uses our bespoke hardware options and software expansion packages including ID card scanners & printers integrated to allow the OPA to maintain an accurate, easy to access record of all staff and employees.

This also works as a safety feature; security can scan a card on site and be instantly alerted as to whether a staff member is allowed onto the premises or if they need to be retrained/inducted.

The additional software included in this system involves competency frameworks, task checkers, induction and eLearning modules.

This screen shot shows the main administrator’s dashboard, complete with inductee search functions, results monitoring and troubleshooting guides.

OPA induction dashboard screen, reports, admin, improve, induction system
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