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UKQU Website & SEO2018-02-20T21:24:32+01:00

Project Description

UKQU Website & SEO

This complexed website was designed to help support local industry and build a Patchwork & Quilting community. With some of the industry’s greatest designers, suppliers and shops right here in the UK we developed this site to become a one-stop shop for the like-minded hobbyist. Offering everything from What’s on, Group forums, Blogs, Tutorials a searchable directory and an online ecommerce marketplace.

What we did

  • Developed a concept and design for the website
  • Integrated  ecommerce  and customer registration
  • Created a backend customer / order database management system
  • Integrated a front end blog editing system with restricted user access
  • Integrated a front end events calendar editor with restricted user access
  • Developed a member forum and user group page creator
  • Created a support ticketing system and knowledgebase
  • Implemented a searchable business directory
  • Added front end systems for directory submissions
  • Developed a shared marketplace function for multiple sellers
  • Professional Photo shoot for product imagery
  • Made a fully SEO and mobile compliant website
  • Launched and hosting of the final site


ukqu website home page, resolution television, website design. portfolio


To see the final site visit UKQU.co.uk or click on the above image.